British vacuum-cleaner billionaire James Dyson is selling his three-level penthouse in Singapore. He bought the deluxe property for around S$74 million ($54 million) last year.

An offer of S$62 million has been accepted for the Wallich Residence "super penthouse," or a drop of over 15% from Dyson's purchase price. The buyer is U.S.-based billionaire Leo Koguan, the Business Times newspaper in Singapore, which first reported the sale, said.

The glitzy five-bedroom flat, nestled on top of Singapore's Tanjong Pagar Center, features a 600-bottle wine cellar. It has a Jacuzzi, private garden and pool. With 21,000 square feet of living area, it is also the biggest "nonlanded residence" in Singapore and was once worth around S$100 million, making the rooftop abode the city-state's priciest penthouse.

The 73-year old Dyson - the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner - stirred up fury when he made public plans to transfer his corporate base to Singapore in January 2019 despite being one of the most distinguished proponents of Brexit. The Dysons' other property in the Asia city is a S$50 million bungalow with an indoor waterfall and infinity pool.

Indonesia-born Koguan is joint founder and chairperson of information technology provider SHI International - which has AT&T and Boeing among its 20,000 clients, Forbes reported.

The penthouse will grant the new owner the use of a concierge team that specializes in services like chartering private jets and yachts and hiring culinary experts to cater exclusive dinner parties.

Dyson moved his company's headquarters from Britain to Singapore so he could be closer to the city's rapidly evolving business landscape. In 2019, he backed out of a plan to construct an electric vehicle facility in Singapore, saying it is not commercially viable.

Sir James topped the Sunday Times Rich List for 2021. His company is popular for making hair dryers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and other home appliances.