Ivanka Trump remains at the center of the public's rage. Netizens mocked and called her out following her recent interview as she shared about her latest pursuits.

On Monday, the First Daughter revealed before the public that she learned playing guitar amid the pandemic crisis. She noted that she taught herself at night.

Ivanka explained that she and her family have reconnected to "life's simple pleasures." She added that they have dusted off all of their board games amid the crisis.

The Recount uploaded a clip of the interview on social media. Upon its release, netizens shared their opinions about Trump's statements, noting that they were all "tone-deaf," according to The Independent.

"People died," one netizen replied, adding that "families were crushed," and millions of individuals are "struggling" to look for jobs. "220,000+ families (in the United States) are spending the pandemic mourning their dead," another added.

The critics' sentiments likely echoed the heartbreaking news earlier that week as reports published about the eight million Americans who have fallen into poverty since May. Not to mention, the number of deaths across the country due to the pandemic continues to increase.

To date, the death toll in the country has reached over 226,000. As for the number of people who tested positive, the number has now reached more than 8.5 million, according to Worldometers.

"Some of us have been trying to find food to eat and how to make rent, and utilities," a different Twitter user shared. "I was trying to figure out how to feed my family," another mockingly said, while deeming Ivanka Trump's latest pursuits as "wonderful."

Other netizens continued to mock her, as well as her guitar revelations. They said that the First Daughter would need her new activity when she goes to prison.

"You'll have the time," one critic stated, noting that she should "save the hobbies" for her future in prison. Ivanka should "take up dancing to the jailhouse rock," another echoed.

As the mockeries toward Ivanka Trump have remained apparent, several fans and followers shared their respective praises on her own posts. In her latest tweets on Twitter, many expressed their support toward her and Donald Trump.

"Thank you for your work," one fan replied. "God bless Trump!," another commented.

Amid all the public's reaction following her statements, Ivanka Trump is currently in North Carolina as she continues to rally before her father. Reports noted that she, along with her brothers, has resumed playing their "active roles" these past few weeks for the benefit of the father's race against Joe Biden.