Melania Trump and Donald Trump began dating in 1998. The couple met at a party in New York and eventually decided to start their romantic relationship.

The then-billionaire mogul proposed to the then-Melania Knauvs six years into their relationship. The former model accepted the proposal, and they tied the knot a year after.

Upon accepting the marriage proposal, the real estate magnate gifted him a 15-carat, D Flawless emerald-cut diamond ring. The Daily Express reported that the band costs over $4.2 million.

It is not surprising why Trump gave her a "multi-million-dollar" ring. What became a surprise, though, was that he gave her another engagement band, which experts deemed as a "downgrade."

Melania Trump and Donald Trump celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in 2015. In celebration of the special relationship milestone, the now-U.S. President gave his wife a new engagement ring.

Experts shared their analysis of the second band, noting that it appears to be an upgrade because of its size and price. The new emerald-cut diamond ring, which features a 25-carat rock, costs a little under $5 million.

Based on the price and size, it is, indeed, a step-up from the first engagement band she received from her husband. However, experts said that it is actually a "downgrade," in terms of the quality, because the diamond is not D Flawless.

Eddi Norris, who works at Queensmith Master Jewellers as a senior gemologist, explained that the D Flawless types are the "most coveted" diamonds. This is because they are the best quality in existence, according to 9Honey.

Despite the differences, though, Melania Trump seemingly opts to wear her second engagement ring more. She has since kept her first engagement band and replaced it with the new jewel piece.

The public rarely sees her taking it off. She wears it all the time, especially on public engagements and appearances.

Aside from the two engagement rings, Melania Trump has another precious band from Donald Trump. She received it from her husband during their wedding, which served as their wedding ring.

A separate report from the Daily Express revealed that the wedding band costs over $380,000. However, the First Lady rarely wears it, like the first engagement ring she received from her husband.

She, nevertheless, wore it for her official portrait inside the White House. While many wondered why she opts to leave it most of the time at home, experts explained that it is likely due to practicality. As noted, the second emerald-cut diamond ring is too huge, adding that it causes discomfort when it is worn with another band.