A recent video of an iPhone 12 teardown sets Chinese social media platforms ablaze as users got their first view of the internal components of Apple's new device.

Chinese social media went abuzz recently when a teardown video of Apple's new iPhone 12 surfaced and revealed the internal components of the device. Reports say that it was the first teardown of the new iPhone 12 and it clearly showed the changes Apple implemented with the latest addition to its ecosystem.

Apple officially introduced the iPhone 12 family on October 13, with preorders for the iPhone 12 and iPhone Pro becoming available on October 16. The Cupertino-based company, however, announced that its official release is set for October 23, the date that some customers who preordered the new iPhones earlier are expected to also receive the devices. It is not clear, however, where or how the person got the iPhone 12 he used for the teardown video, which he subsequently posted on Chinese social media.

DuanRui reposted the iPhone 12 teardown video, which reportedly came from Century Weifang Technology and widely circulated on Chinese social media, on Twitter. Both the narration and subtitles were in Chinese, except in instances where "iPhone 11" or "iPhone 12" was mentioned.


The iPhone 12 teardown video posted on Chinese social media lasts for only two minutes and twenty seconds, though it is long enough to excite those who watched it. The one reposted by DuanRui on Twitter already gained more than 65,900 views with 691 reactions and 234 people retweeted the post as of 11:20 pm Oct. 21 Pacific Time.

Unlike most teardown videos involving Apple devices, however, this iPhone 12 teardown video which was initially posted on Chinese social media is not an in-depth or detailed teardown. Nevertheless, it does provide a sneak preview of some of the changes that engineers at the Cupertino-based tech giant made.

For instance, iPhone 12 teardown video which a user posted on Chinese social media and subsequently reposted on Twitter, indicates that all you need to do to open the device is to loosen a couple of screws and use a suction cup to detach the display assembly from the iPhone's chassis. The one performing the teardown also took some of the larger interior components out. The video showed what appears to be a smaller Taptic Engine and also MagSafe components nestled safely on the back wall of the iPhone.

Given the shortness of the iPhone 12 teardown video that initially appeared on Chinese social media, it is hard to learn anything concrete from the clip. Industry observers, however, expect that when customers receive the iPhone 12 models they ordered on October 16, it will not be long before a more in-depth teardown video surfaces online.