Activision recently confirmed that "Call of Duty: Mobile" is getting a new mode that would feature the undead but it also said something unfortunate about the game's Season 12.

In a recent community update, Activision confirmed that a new mode is coming to the hit mobile shooter title "Call of Duty: Mobile." On the game's subreddit, a fan requested if they could have the Zombies back in the game and asked for an update about it. Activision responded by assuring the community that something referencing Zombies, but not the Zombie mode, is coming this Halloween.

The official "Call of Duty: Mobile" account also hinted about fog, which suggests that the earlier teased Undead Fog could be the closest thing to Zombies players could have. In the past weeks, the devs already hinted about a limited -time battle royale mode coming to the game, which might be launched under the name Undead Fog.

At this point, details about the said mode in "Call of Duty: Mobile is still scarce. It is highly likely that players would probably see the typical gas mechanic replaced by an eerie fog creeping all over the map in the upcoming mode. Activision also confirmed that more information would be shared online in the coming week.

In regards to the user's query about, the devs confirmed that the original Zombies mode might not yet return to "Call of Duty: Mobile" soon. Some fans are not happy about this news with others expressing their disappointment with the devs' decision. The popular game mode was removed from the hit mobile shooter game in Mar because Activision wanted to focus on improving Battle Royale and Multiplayer aspects.

In other "COD: Mobile" news, Activision confirmed that the game's Season 12 would not get a test server, just like Season 11. So, just like in the current season, players will not know the content of the forthcoming season. But, not knowing anything about the upcoming game update or content is almost impossible in the "Call of Duty" community with dataminers and industry insiders always looking out for possible clues.

Activision also hinted it had concealed a "Call of Duty: Mobile" Season 12 hint in the in-game balloons. It is just a matter of time that the community learns what's hidden in those balloons. The gaming studio also announced a few days ago that the game reached another milestone by achieving 300 million downloads. The announcement was made in time for the game's first-anniversary celebration.