The New York Knicks are looking for a young scorer and there is no doubt that the guy who best fits that role is LaMelo Ball. Considering the Knicks are at the 8th spot, the odds of them landing the 19-year-old player is practically impossible. But then again, they can always consider options like trading up to the top 3 spots.

The good news for the Knicks is that one of the three teams is open to trading down for the second overall pick, the San Francisco Chronicle reported. However, it won’t be a straight swap. New York needs to sweeten the pot, meaning they may have to give up more assets to convince the Dubs. And the player that makes the most sense on their end is Mitchell Robinson.

Robinson is seen as a player oozing with potential, someone that new Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau could mold. But with the need to take in a young scorer like Ball, the 22-year-old appears to be the only guy who could interest Golden State.


Of course, the Knicks could look at other options. Julius Randle could make sense although he is not a center. The former Los Angeles Lakers forward have shown tremendous improvement in the past years, having his way around the paint. But his lack in size may not cut it for the Dubs.

Hence, the 7-foot Robinson is the plausible choice. Gavin Schall and Ricky O’Donnell discussed this on the Locked On Knicks podcast. If sealed, this gives the Knicks a fair chance of signing Ball. But this is based on the premise that the Timberwolves select Anthony Edwards with the first overall pick.

Minnesota has not shown indications of trading down and is unlikely to. They know what assets the Knicks have and no one appears to fit their team needs. Either way, the Knicks could settle for Edwards if the T-Wolves take in Ball. Either way, these are two of the top guards in the draft who can address Thibodeau’s needs.

The Charlotte Hornets pick third but no trade deals have been mentioned. If the Knicks go this route, their chances could dip immensely. If Ball and Edwards are picked by the T-Wolves and the Dubs (in any order), the only other top name is James Wiseman. The 7-foot-1 center is seen more as a defensive player and not his scoring.

The Knicks have time to work out a trade with the Timberwolves and the Warriors. Robinson is appealing but makes more sense for the six-time NBA champions.