While Beyond A.C.E. is still available in "PUBG Mobile" a massive leak revealing the alleged content of Season 16 including Royal Pass, rewards, Night Mode, skins, emotes, costumes and a lot more recently surfaced online.

The new set of details about the upcoming season in "PUBG Mobile" came from reliable insiders Lucky Man and The Funny Hunny. They shared the information on their respective YouTube channel. Season 15 is set to end on Nov 15 and players would not be able to earn any rewards because the RP section would be closed.

Sources claim that Season 16 would start at 2 PM on Nov 17, but this is yet to be confirmed. Just like all other seasons in "PUBG Mobile" Season 16 would feature a free Royale Pass offering a new set of perks and rewards. As per The Funny Hunny, this would include an elite Royale pass that costs 600 UC, an elite upgrade plus Royale pass that costs 1800 UC and an option of Subscription for players.

Probably the biggest news about the upcoming season is the arrival of the 15X scope. At present, snipers in "PUBG Mobile" enjoy the maximum scope size of 8X scope. Unfortunately, like the 8X scope, the 15X scope is only attachable to sniper rifles.

Another major feature anticipated to arrive in the hit mobile shooter title is the Night Mode in Erangel. Earlier leaks suggested that instead of darkness and night vision goggles, the upcoming Night Mode would feature comets and meteors. An upgradable outfit dubbed as the Four Horsemen Set is reportedly arriving in the new season of "PUBG Mobile."

The set would allegedly include Spike Demon, Lady of Blood, Wraith Lord and Grave Lord outfit. As per Lucky Man, three new outfits are coming alongside the new season. These are the Night Terror Outfit, Draconian Champion Set and the Le Tigre Suit.

Night Terror Headgear and the Draconian Champion Hat are also said to arrive with Season 16. A wide range of weapon skins will also be available to "PUBG Mobile" in the upcoming season. This includes Metal Jungle - Scar-L, Season 16 - Thompson, Draconian Champion - M16A4, Draconian Champion - Machete, Outlawed Fantasy - UMP45, Winter Queen M249 V and Icicle - Mini14.

Other rewards that "PUBG Mobile" players could earn reportedly includes Season 16 Combat Goggles, Draconian Champion Backpack and the Draconian Champion Parachute. Moreover, three new emotes would be allegedly available in Season 16 of "PUBG Mobile." These emotes could be unlocked at 20 RP level, 60 RP level and 90 RP level.

While these details are interesting and the sources have always provided accurate information, these are unofficial. So, take this information with a pinch of salt. "PUBG Mobile" is currently available in iOS and Android devices.