"Call of Duty: Mobile" joins the world as it celebrates Halloween by introducing exciting features with spooky vibes, which includes the new Pumpkin Confirmed mode.

The new "Call of Duty: Mobile" mode is now available, which follows the standard "Kill Confirmed Mode. Interestingly, the new mode has a twist in tune for the Halloween celebration. In this 10 vs 10 mode, players collect jack-o-lanterns from defeated opponents instead of the usual dog tags.

Pumpkin Confirmed is a limited-time mode in "Call of Duty: Mobile." Players need to complete daily challenges to earn exclusive rewards. The mode will only be available in the hit mobile shooter title until October 31. Activision also added a new spooky map called Halloween Standoff.

The map was originally introduced in October last year and is now back in various multiplayer modes of "Call of Duty: Mobile." Players can explore the eerie but beautifully decorated streets in DOM, TDM, KC, hardpoint, Cranked and Attack of the Undead. The undead is also coming to the game's battle royale mode starting Oct 30.

Currently, "Call of Duty: Mobile" players are enjoying Season 11. Activision has not yet revealed anything about the end of the current season and the beginning of Season 12/ However, the countdown seemingly suggested that the Season 11 battle pass would end at 7 PM CT on Nov 10. If this is to go by, then players have a couple more weeks to complete all 50 levels of the current battle pass.

Looking into the release pattern of the game developer, it is safe to assume that "Call of Duty: Mobile" Season 12 would start at around 7 PM CT on Nov 11, which is a day after the current season is rumored to end. The game developer has not yet revealed anything related to the upcoming season, but earlier leaks hinted that a new character is coming to the hit mobile shooter game.

Activision also teased at its recent community update the possibility of the first mythic weapon arriving in "Call of Duty: Mobile." This would require rare items and mythic cards for an upgrade. Activision also rolled out a massive update to "Call of Duty: Mobile" to celebrate its anniversary.

The game developer also released some statistics about the game a year after it was officially released to teh world, except in China. According to Activision, the hit mobile shooter title reached over 300 million downloads since Oct 2019. "Call of Duty: Mobile" players using Android devices reportedly reached 850 million hours of playtime in a peak month worldwide.

The game was recently launched in China where over 50 million players pre-registered.