A month after its official release, "Genshin Impact" raked $245 million in player spending,, and it seems that MiHoYo could be hiding the date of its next possible future update in the new line of dialogue of Sucrose if a recent claim is to be believed.

On Reddit, user and "Genshin Impact" player genosy shared a screenshot of a recent post from the game's official Facebook account. The player noticed Sucrose's special dialogue, which could contain possible hints for the game's future updates. The new line of dialogue reads, "And this one is called... Mist Flower Project 3, Version 17, Enlargement Trial."

The Reddit user highlighted these interesting finds on his post, noting that the line "...So I guess I'll just call it... "Sweet Flower Project 9, Version 28, Scent-Strengthening Trial!" could correspond to the game's official release date, which is Sept 28. Similarly, the other line of the character could reportedly mean a game expansion arriving on 3/17 or Mar 17.

Several "Genshin Impact" players asserted that the future expansion could introduce a new location on the map. Fans have been talking about the highly-awaited Inazuma location, which is the Japan-inspired region in the hit ARPG title. At this point, the claim is nothing but speculations. However, the pattern is definitely apparent and whether or not MiHoYo hid something in the new dialogue is yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Sensor Tower recently reported that "Genshin Mobile" saw around $245 million in player spending just a month after it was released. The action RPG title gained around $60 million in its first week in the industry and continued to grow over the past days. The game is also considered as the biggest revenue generator worldwide on both Google Play and the App Store since its release.

"Genshin Impact" tops the list that includes hit titles like "PUBG Mobile," "Pokemon Go," "Honor of Kings," and "Monster Strike," the site reported. In terms of player spending, China is the game's largest market, which generated over $82 million to date. It is equivalent to 33.5% of the game's total revenue to date, according to Sensor Tower.

Outside China, "Genshin Impact" gained almost $163 million or 66.5% of all player spending. Following China is Japan, which players spent almost $59 million or around 24% of the total player spending. The U.S. ranks third with 18.3% or $nearly $46 million player spending.

"Genshin Impact" is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices.