Bradley Beal enjoys a superstar status with the Washington Wizards and he has proven that he deserves the honor and the massive paycheck. Beal is considered one of the best shooting guards in the NBA now so teams are looking for ways to acquire him, among them the Miami Heat.

The Heat are shooting for the title next season and Erik Spoelstra is looking to further strengthen in the offseason. One player thought to be on Miami's radar is Giannis Antetokounmpo but the two-time MVP is an asset that the Milwaukee Bucks are about to give up easily.

Beal is a target as well and Miami Herald columnist Barry Jackson is all thumbs up if the Heat can bring the Wizards star over to Florida. Jackson said the Washington shooter is at the top of his game and at 27, he stands to play fruitful years with the South Florida franchise.

As expected, however, trading for the Wizards' cornerstone player will cost Miami and Spoelstra should be ready to exchange a few of his pieces and all of them are described as prime assets.

"Any offer would need to include [Tyler] Herro, likely Duncan Robinson and other assets," Yahoo Sports reported Jackson as saying.

Yet the columnist reminded the sacrifice should be worth it. Beal is deemed to be getting better and the last season was proof of his potential contribution to the Heat that will want to take the NBA title in 2021. The star connected 30 points or more per game and his sweet shooting will surely make it easier for the Heat to reach the top.

The Heat, however, will need to take note that the competition is stiff when dealing with the Wizards over Beal. It is said that the Los Angeles Lakers, wanting a repeat next year, will make a move on the guard but Miami has the advantage.

As far as assets are concerned, the Lakers are too dried up to trade and that is not the case with the Heat. As Jackson mentioned, Miami GM Pat Riley can dig deep if he is serious about getting Beal's nod because the franchise has a rich collection of tradeable assets.

That being the case, the questions that beg: Will Beal want to leave Washington, and will the Wizards give him the release papers?

Fadeaway World reminded that while Beal signed an extension deal with his club in 2019, the star has expressed unhappiness on his situation. The sentiment makes sense as he is one of the biggest players in the NBA but the prospect of success with the Wizards is practically zero for Beal.

And as if to amplify his unhappy situation, Beal confirmed that teams are calling and making offers. The player stressed trade overtures brought to his attention are no secret at all.

Those words should indicate an openness on Beal's part that looking for a new challenge is not out of the question. And the Miami Heat should take that as a cue to make their move and put a tempting offer to Washington.