"Mobile Legends" players rely on Battle Point (BP) rewards to avail in-game content for free and while this currency is hard to earn players could learn some tips and tricks in this guide on how to farm the most BP every week.

"Mobile Legends" players could earn around 11000 Battle Points every by reaching the maximum weekly BP limit of 9000 BP with Booster. Additionally, players should earn Activity Rewards, collect Daily Quests, and get extra BP for Daily Activity or Social Media Sharing. To earn a little more BP, players could use one of the four major BP-earning routes alongside lots of bonus ways to earn a little more.

Players must complete Weekly BP Limit with Booster, which rewards 9000 BP. The Weekly BP Limit without Booster gives 7500 BP, and the Booster Ads rewards 1500 BP. Daily or weekly chests gives a total of 800 BP, with the pink chest offering around 500 BP. Aside from those, "Mobile Legends" players could earn 1000 BP by completing weekly login.

There are also weekly match rewards where "Mobile Legends" players could earn 600 BP. the classic Match Bonus with BP boost offers around 250 BP, Daily Quests rewards 200 BP while the Push Help If You Lose gives +150 BP. Doing all these gives players a weekly average BP of around 1000.

There are more ways a "Mobile Legends" player could earn BP; one of this is unlocking more heroes and skins. Each hero or skin unlocked could earn players an additional 30 BP daily via skin trials. Friends could also gift BP daily up to three times with each gift offering 50 BP, maxing the daily gifting limit could let the player earn 150 BP.

Moreover, participating in an Active Squad allows the player to earn a +500 BP bonus. A "Mobile Legends" player could also earn stars in matches. Unlocking Stars in the game could let the player earn around 1800 BP. Another good source of BP in "Mobile Legends" is the Lucky Spin.

It gives "Mobile Legends" players the chance to earn prizes. If the player is lucky, he could win +300 BP or get a hero or skin. Getting a hero or skin that the player already own means receiving a massive BP bonus of around 10000.

The hit multiplayer online battle arena game "Mobile Legends" is currently available on iOS and Android devices. The game was released in 2016 and continues to be one of the most popular titles in Southeast Asia.