One of the items that the "Genshin Impact" players could get as a reward after clearing the floors in the Spiral Abyss dungeon is the tier III item Domain Reliquary, which offers Artifacts when opened. Here are some useful tips and tricks on how to obtain this item in the hit gacha title.

To get the Domain Reliquary, a "Genshin Impact" must first be at least at Adventurer Rank 25 to enter the dungeon, Spiral Abyss. Several floors must be cleared out with each rewarding players upon successful completion. To get the Domain Reliquary, the player must clear Floor 1 and 2 of the Spiral Abyss.

For Spiral Abyss Floor 1, the recommended characters that could easily clear the floor are Diluc, Amber, and Xiangling. "Genshin Impact" players will fight enemies of Level 25 caliber. Aside from getting the Domain Reliquary as a reward, it has a Star bounty of x 60000 Mora and x300 Primogems.

On Floor 2 of the Spiral Abyss, recommend "Genshin Impact" characters to easily ar the floor are Kaeya, Qiqi, and Chongyun. Players will face enemies of Level 40 caliber on this floor. The rewards for clearing this chamber include Domain Reliquary with x60000 Mora and x300 Primogems.

It is worth noting that there are restrictions that "Genshin Impact" players need to observe in the Spiral Abyss, making it more challenging. In this location, players could not heal nor open inventory. Healing is only possible if it is a part of the character's skills.

Changing party members is not allowed in Spiral Abyss even in between chambers or leaving mid-floor. Weapons and artifacts could not be changed in this region too. Character customization is also not allowed.

Spiral Abyss is a set of challenges "Genshin Impact" players could do to test skills and wits and get rewards. However, the rewards are based on the player's performance in every trial. Spiral Abyss is located in the southeastern part of the Mondstadt region on an island called Musk Reef.

To get to Spiral Abyss, "Genshin Impact" players must go to Cape Oath by heading east of the Eagle's Gate. There is a very ominous black hole in the sky visible as players go up the hill. Since there is no possible way to reach the black hole, look for three little statues.

Find the three Seelies and move them to their respective statue. By doing so, a strong wind current would be produced, which would take the "Genshin Impact' player up into the black hole. This would take the player directly to Musk Reed and the Spiral Abyss.