A "Mobile Legends" player must have a broad understanding of the map to bring out the best in any hero, but for those using Lapu Lapu and want to amp their performance, here are some tips and tricks on his gameplay broken down into three phases, including game plan for early, mid and late game.

"Mobile Legends" Early Game

It is important for "Mobile Legends" players to purchase a lower grade boot at the early stage of the game and proceed to their lane. For those holding the top lane, it is smart not to expect that the tank would be there to assist. Maintain a safe distance from enemies and always protect the turret.

Focus on core items after completing the boot and kill as many minions as possible to increase gold economy. Upon reaching Level 4 in "Mobile Legends," do a quick rotation to Mid lane if no one is on the lane and use Lapu Lapu's Ultimate properly. For players using Retribution, it is advised to purchase a Jungle knife.

"Mobile Legends" Mid Game

Build Lapu Lapu's Blade of Heptaseas after building his core item. Through this "Mobile Legends," players could deal more damage during an ambush. At this state, Lapu Lapu can dominate the battlefield easily.

For "Mobile Legends" players using flicker, do a turret drive since Lapu Lapu's shield is there for protection. Target enemy's carry or squishy heroes. Lapu Lapu's Skill 1 has a long-range, so it is wise to always use it with Skill 2. Through this, players could easily get out of a bad situation or destroy dot life enemies. Try to take the turtle and continue pushing lanes. If necessary, proceed to turtle lane and change sides with an ally.

"Mobile Legends" Late Game

In the late phase of "Mobile Legends," Lapu Lapu stands out from the rest. It is important to complete the primary objective and join with allies for a victorious gank. Explore the bushes and choose from two types of skill combo, which are Skill 1+Skill 2+Skill 3+Skill 1+Skill 3 or from bush, Skill 3+Skill 3+Skill 2+Skill 1.

When Lapu Lapu's skills are on cooldown, make sure to keep a safe distance from the enemy. At this point, "Mobile Legends" players need to shield the hero with defense to sock more damage from enemies. Nearby enemies can be easily killed using Lapu Lapu's skill.

Other Tips

Lapu-Lapu is a team fight-based hero known as one of the strongest in "mobile Legends." Players should do the 1-2-2 rotation whenever two fighters in the team, along with an assassin, go offlane. It is also crucial to pick boot based on the enemy carry's damage type.