Ivanka Trump remains popular across the globe. With her fashionable lifestyle and successful career, it is not surprising she has inspired several individuals to follow her. What is shocking, however, is that Meghan Markle was one of them.

The Duchess of Sussex once shared a link with the First Daughter. She had a brief "Q+A" moment with Donald Trump's child during the first few years of her now-defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig.

She, also, discussed the then-fashion icon's "staggering" beauty and intelligence in her blog back in 2014, according to 9Honey. She even revealed that they planned on sharing drinks and dinners when they meet.

A few years later, though, the former working royal's blog post became too controversial following Trump's political moves. Markle deemed the U.S. President as "misogynistic," adding that she would relocate to Canada if he would win the presidential race against Hillary Clinton.

Several things have already happened since then. While Meghan Markle officially became part of the British Royal Family, Ivanka Trump joined her father inside the White House.

But, as the Duchess's subtle attacks toward Donald Trump continue to make the headlines, especially these past few weeks leading to this year's presidential race, her past links to the First Daughter obtain enough spotlight, as well, with some reports branding it as "embarrassing."

News Australia stated that Ivanka Trump's The Tig outing makes for "toe-curling reading." The publication, then, asserted that the whole "obsequiousness" of the Duchess of Sussex is "hard to stomach."

Despite the negative light shone onto the controversial moment, some reports argued that the available parts of the interview seemingly appear to be "harmless." Whether Meghan, truly, "idolizes" Ivanka, they were only celebrities at that time.

To date, Meghan Markle and Ivanka Trump remain silent about the controversy. They have not spoken anything about the resurfaced interview. Nevertheless, many are certain that they are not friends, and not even talking to each other.

The Daily Express previously released a report indicating that the two women might even be rivals in the next presidential race. Some commentators, reportedly, expressed their thoughts that this will likely happen if Trump and Markle continue to make a name in politics.

Royal author Lady Colin Campbell noted earlier in July that the Duchess of Sussex appears to have "political ambitions." She said that the royal's exit and move to the United States are likely part of her big plan in the next four years.

Although many experts believe that the Duchess and the First Daughter may face-off in 2024, commentator Rosa Silverman countered that this is "unlikely," noting that the country loves a "dynasty." In the end, though, she stated that this may still change considering that the politics in the United States have now become too "unpredictable."