Several iPhone 12 users have started reporting issues with the Group SMS function, particularly on missing some text messages when using the feature.

A few iPhone 12 customers have posted complaints online about missing text messages when they are using the Group SMS feature of the Messages app. The majority of the complaints largely pertain to the inability of some users to receive complete messages within a group dialog.

Some say, however, that it is normal for new hardware to have some birth pains, which in the case of the iPhone 12 family, appear to largely involve text messages. Several iPhone 12 users report they have already posted details of their Group SMS and missing text issues on Apple's support forums.

Many of these posts say users were unable to receive complete messages or were missing text messages, within their conversation when using Apple's Messages app Group SMS feature. In some instances, the issue affects only some portions of the messages within a group conversation, which leaves some threads not wholly complete with one cluster of responses missing, while other sections display comprehensive or normal conversations.


As complaints on Apple's forum show, the issue does not seem limited to just one type of message like group conversations with only users of iOS devices or one with a mixed iOS and Android device users. Nevertheless, most of those who complained say they upgraded to Apple's new iPhone 12 at the time that problems with the Messages app's Group SMS feature, particularly about missing text messages, began to manifest.

In one post, some iPhone 12 users claimed they were using their new Apple devices running iOS 14.2 on the AT&T network and were already complaining about missing text messages when using the Messages app's Group SMS feature. The users further said they spent two weeks discussing the problem with Apple Support and have been going back and forth with suggested solutions. These users said it appears that there was "no consistency" as regards when, how, or why the messages are going missing.

Furthermore, the problem does not seem limited to only one carrier like AT&T. Users on T-Mobile and Verizon also mentioned experiencing similar problems, such as missing text messages, with Apple's iPhone 12 when they are using its Messages app's Group SMS feature. This strongly indicates that the problem may be software-related and is carrier independent.

Since many iPhone 12 users have already posted on Apple's support forums, it is safe to assume that the Cupertino tech giant is already aware of the missing text messages issue encountered by users when using the Messages app's Group SMS feature. At this time, the company's engineers may already be working on some type of solution which may appear as a fix in an upcoming software update.