A foldable iPhone is in the works as rumors state Foxconn is testing the device allegedly called the iPhone Flip and that it is set for release in September 2022.

The goal of Apple to have a foldable iPhone, allegedly named the iPhone Flip, is an open secret due to the barrage of patent filings and whispered talks that came along with their patent submissions. Even so, the Apple fans are not that sure whether the Cupertino-based tech giant is really working on such a foldable device. The most recent leak, however, may change all that as rumors suggest Apple is already beyond the planning phase and is now aggressively working on the prototype of the foldable device which is reportedly projected for release in September 2022.

Economic Daily News, citing information from MacRumors, on Monday reported that Apple already sent a couple of prototypes for testing to Foxconn, its manufacturing partner. The report also said that Apple wanted its foldable device to withstand not less than 100,000 folds. Before the Cupertino tech giant decides on whether to go ahead with the projected release of September 2022, it is also trying to determine whether the proposed iPhone Flip will use a micro-LED or an OLED display.


It is not clear where the rumored release date of September 2022 for the alleged iPhone Flip came from, though many say Apple may launch it along with the iPhone 14. Some are also speculating that the iPhone Flip is in fact the iPhone 14, though, at this time, such talks are considered products of imaginations. One thing is clear, though, that Apple is serious about coming up with a foldable iPhone, and its act of sending Foxconn some prototypes for testing is enough proof of its intent.

Outside of its inner circle of officers and engineers, no one knows about the Apple's prototypes, though most of the iPhones in the market over the years came out of the Foxconn's Taiwan campus. The report also did not disclose their source of information as regards the act of Apple in sending Foxconn some prototypes of the alleged iPhone Flip, which is rumored for release in September of 2022, though it does have a semblance of truth.

Rumors about Apple's alleged iPhone Flip started more than two years ago. Talks about the foldable iPhone were apparently triggered by the patents that the Cupertino tech giant filed about producing such a device. Rumors about its supposed release in September 2022 only surfaced recently. As regards its act of sending a prototype of the foldable device to Foxconn, many say that Apple has dozens of prototypes in production and some of them did not even land on one store shelf. Nevertheless, the iPhone Flip is something to watch out for, especially since some rumors also indicate it has several new features that include having a material that automatically fixes any dents and scratches over time, as well as having a protective 'hard-coat layer that prevents cracks or fills in any small cracks that may develop.