Melania and Donald Trump divorce rumors persist.

Following the incumbent U.S. president's defeat in the election several individuals and critics said the first lady would leave her husband within the next few months.

Sources close to Melania Trump asserted that she had "no immediate plans" to split with the president. There are "no signs" she would "ditch," according to the Daily Express.

Her chief-of-staff confirmed the statements of two unidentified "friends" of Melania Trump. She condemned the "mainstream media" for releasing such reports adding that this is one of the reasons the public no longer trusts it. Stephanie Grisham said no "legitimate journalist" would suggest such a thing.

Other anonymous sources close to Donald and Melania Trump said the latter is Trump's "closest confidant." Despite the negative reports about their marriage the couple "enjoy" their time together.

Trump's disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen had similar thoughts. He claimed the Trump couple would not split despite the U.S. president's defeat by Joe Biden.

He said they "deserve each other." He said the first lady was "complicit" and shares her husband's beliefs.

There have been many reports claiming Melania Trump would leave Donald Trump after they exit the White House. Several former White House aides said they wouldn't be surprised if Melania Trump filed for divorce.

The Daily Mail reported the U.S. president's former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman alleging the first lady is "counting" her time until her husband leaves the Oval Office.

She said Melania Trump can't divorce while they are still in office - this would be the "ultimate humiliation" and Donald Trump would find a way to punish her.

Likewise, Melania Trump's former friend and aide Stephanie Winston Wolkoff said that the first couple had a "transactional" marriage.

She claimed the first lady didn't expect her husband to win the presidential race in 2016 and has revisited their prenuptial agreement.