Working at home has become a new normal in many industries, and there are many advantages to the arrangement. For employers, remote labor may mean decreased operational costs and access to a larger pool of talent. Employees can ditch long drives to make their day more versatile.

However, since your workplace is just a few steps away from your bed, it is more crucial than ever to draw strong lines around your workday, particularly when children, friends, or technological problems intersect.

Let's delve into why it's necessary to take the time to recharge when you work from home and how to make the most of your downtime.

How to take a rest or a break while working at home

So how are you going to take a break or time away from work when your office and home are one and the same? It may be difficult to prioritize downtime, but not impossible. Here are a few sure-fire ways to retain an office-like structure for your day when working from home.

Plan your day including your breaks

Anyone who has worked from home for a long time has experienced it-you get up, brew a cup of coffee, shuffle to your desk in your sweats and slippers, and get to work. It's 3 p.m. before you know it, and you haven't gotten up from your desk.

It's an easy pattern to fall into, but not taking time away from work will hurt your creativity and productivity. You can restore time in your schedule-and sanity on your working day-with effective time management. Be willing to work breaks into your schedule. Attach them to your calendar to block the moment, if necessary.

Communicate breaks and vacations with co-workers

When you see your friends in the workplace every day, it's easy to recognize when someone is technically out of the office. It's harder to know when you're just talking to your coworkers via Slack Message or email.

Make sure your breaks and vacations are specifically conveyed to your friends, so they won't unintentionally disrupt your free time, even though your vacation is just a date with your couch, a pint of ice cream, and Netflix.

Make sure that your break is away from work

When you take a break, make sure to stand up and walk away from your desk. Do not count surfing the internet or working on personal items as a break from work: evidence shows that these disturbances do not result in more efficiency at work. Take time to read a book, call a friend, or work on personal hobby-learning techniques, and personal relationships are shown to improve mood and energy.

A change of scenery will make your mind clear and your blood pressure. If you can go out for a short stroll, all the better.