Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take their offices inside the White House next year. After their inauguration in January, their spouses, Jill Biden and Doug Emhoff will join them in their stint in leading the United States.

The public is already aware that the roles Biden and Harris will take are "paying jobs." They will receive $400,000 and $230,700, respectively, as their annual salaries. But, is the case the same with their spouses?

Many people continue to wonder how much First Ladies make upon assuming their roles. The same question remains apparent following Biden's victory earlier this month.

Style Caster reported that once the Biden couple enters the White House, Jill will not earn anything. As clarified, U.S. First Ladies do not have salaries despite the jobs that they need to do.

Reports explained that Jill Biden will not receive salaries as the country's First Lady because she is not elected, unlike her husband. Therefore, she is not an official government employee.

But, despite this, First Ladies still has a lot of "perks." Inside the White House, there is a complete set of staff, including an executive chef, pastry chef, cooks, maids, florists, and housekeepers.

The executive residence, also, offers entertainment rooms, such as the movie theatre and a bowling alley. Alongside this, the First Couple no longer needs to commute nor pay for gas as they have free transportations.

Moreover, the U.S. President, also, receives additional "accounts" apart from the fixed annual salary. Style Caster noted that there is a separate $100,000 for travel account, $50,000 for allowance, and $19,000 for entertainment.

Most, if not all, First Ladies gave up their careers when their husbands took over the Oval Office. Michelle Obama, reportedly, earned $273,618 annually as an executive before taking over the East Wing. Similarly, Hillary Clinton left her paying job in Arkansas when Bill Clinton entered the White House.

While it has become common considering that the role of the First Lady entails several jobs and responsibilities, Jill Biden previously confirmed before the public that she intends to keep her career as an English professor. She will continue to teach even after assuming her role as the wife of the soon-to-be inaugurated 46th President of the United States.

BBC previously released a profile on Jill Biden. Aside from being a mother and a wife, she is, also, a "lifelong educator." When her husband served as the country's Vice President under Obama's administration, she did not quit her job, making her the first Second Lady to have a regular paying job outside the White House.