The launch of "Call of Duty Mobile" Season 12 Going Dark introduced lots of content to players, including a new Battle Pass to level up and earn rewards and so much content to enjoy and earn rewards. Activision announced a new event called Knights Divided, which is set to arrive soon. Here are the important things to note about the upcoming event, including the rewards and its release window.

How Does The Knights Divided Event Work

The "Call of Duty Mobile" Season 12 Knights Divided Event tasks players to choose a side and fight for rewards, territory, and more in a competitive process. There are special weapon sets with bonus modifiers available throughout the event. These could help each team dictate their position in the battle.

The ongoing battle in "Call of Duty Mobile" Season 12 Knights Divided Event would last for the duration of the season and would definitely add a new flare to its dark theme. While Activision has not yet revealed many details about the upcoming event, earlier leaks gave away some information. This includes images of the gear that Call of Duty Mobile News shared on Twitter.

Based on the leak, it looks like the blueprints are the same but vary in color, which could explain the blue and red teams on Knights Divided Event. Possibly coming soon in the event are new sets of charms and wingsuits that players could use to represent their chosen team. There are also colored weapon skins revealed in the leak, which could be some of the rewards "Call of Duty Mobile" players could earn.

Knights Divided Event Release Date

Based on Activision's recent announcement, the upcoming event will start at 4 p.m. Pacific Time or 7 p.m. Eastern Time on Nov. 20.

Other Knights Divided Details

It seems that the red and blue team choice in the Knights Divided Event in "Call of Duty Mobile" is getting hot reception from fans. Players comments in the announcement on the game's official Twitter account reveal that many are already picking sides based on the operators teased in the tweet. Nothing much is known about the red team but the blue team is consists of operators from "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare," Captain price and Ghost.

Meanwhile, Season 12 in "Call of Duty Mobile" started on Nov. 11 with the theme Going Dark. The new season introduced a new way to enjoy the hit mobile game with nightitme maps and modes, a lot of earnable content and as mentioned earlier, a new Battle Pass.