Following its ban from the Indian government in September, PUBG Corporation officially announced that the hit mobile shooter game would return in the region with a new trailer and more details about "PUBG Mobile India."

"PUBG Mobile India" Teaser

PUBG Corporation released a teaser for the relaunch of "PUBG Mobile India." The brief video confirms that the game is coming back to one of its biggest markets in the world. Unfortunately, it does not reveal any other details, with fans hoping to know its release date.

"PUBG Mobile India" Pre-Registration

Several sites, particularly those based in India, have been reporting over the past days that "PUBG Mobile India" is now open for pre-registration and is available on TapTap. The app is like the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, which offers mobile apps that users can download. It is worth noting that PUBG Corporation has not yet announced that it accepts pre-registration for the game.

Moreover, it has not confirmed that the listing on TapTap is official. But, to those who still want to try the process, it requires simple steps to pre-register. First, install TapTap using the APK file, Sign up and log in and key in PUBG Mobile India on the search field. Tap the game and tap the pre-registration option.

What To Expect from "PUBG Mobile India"

Based on earlier reports, "PUBG Mobile India" will not be the same as the global version of the game but more like those released in China and Korea. The new version is specially designed for the Indian market. It would reportedly include a virtual simulation training ground setting.

Other new features in "PUBG Mobile India" include all characters fully clothed from the start of the game and the blood would be green instead of red. PUBG Corporation also mentioned that gaming time would be restricted to promote healthy player habits, particularly for the young ones.

Aside from in-game changes, PUBG Corporation said it would set up an individual Indian subsidiary to provide localized service and foster better communication with players. The company is also hiring 100 employees in India who would be tasked to specialize in game development, eSports and business. To fund these projects, Krafton Inc., the mother company of PUBG Corporation, will invest $100 million in India. This would help run the local operation, host exclusive eSports events and tourneys in the country.

PUBG Corporation has yet to announced the release date of "PUBG Mobile" in India.