The talks about Re: Zero Season 3 is now ongoing as its producer, Sho Tanaka, seems to tease its coming. Season 1's first cour is about to end while the second cour's release date is now revealed, so all eyes are currently on the third season.

In an interview, Tanak suddenly talked about Re: Zero Season 3 without being asked. He said he is confident that fans would be clamoring to see the third installment after watching Season 2.

True enough, long before the second season ends, fans are already talking about the third season. So, when will it possibly come out?

According to Monsters & Critics, it may take a while before viewers get to see the new season's release date, but the wait will not be too bad. The anime series' episodes are dropping faster than usual, so it may take no time before a new season hits the small screens again.

The current season's second cour is now listed as Re: Zero Season 2 Part 2, and Studio White Fox officially announced its release in 2021. However, despite the full seasonal break between the two cours, fans are reminded not to mistake the second half as Re: Zero Season 3.

Instead, it will be a direct continuation of the second season, which is about to end the major story arc, written by Tappei Nagatsuki. With a total of 25 episodes, the first cour will end with Episode 13 on September 30.

The second cour will then continue with Episode 14. With the anime's current story arc, it is only fitting to have more episodes to maintain a good story pacing.

Re: Zero is the anime adaptation of Nagatsuki's light novel series, Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another World. Nagatsuki gets the help of Shinichirou Otsuka for the manga's illustration.

The series covers different genres, from adventure to dark fantasy to isekai, per Video Tape News. The first season dropped on April 4, 2016, and also had 25 episodes. It then ended On September 19 of the said year.

Season 1 was a huge success, becoming very popular that fans were instantly hyped up to see the second season. However, it took a good two years before Season 2 dropped.

If Re: Zero Season 3 will follow the same release pattern, and then fans will not see Subaru Natsuki and the rest of the cast's return until 2023.

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