Boruto Chapter 52 leaks and raw scans are now out and tease the future of Naruto. There are assumptions the shinobi may meet his demise after his transformation, and it looks like things will be getting worst for him.

Boruto Chapter 52 will be focusing on Naruto and Isshiki's fight. Despite getting weak, Naruto still manages to drain Isshiki's chakra that almost ends his life, per BlockToro.

However, Isshiki finds a way to turn things around and uses the same chakra to bring Kawaki into the fight. Naruto and Sasuke are both surprised seeing Kawaki's arrival from another dimension, while Boruto is too tired even to open his eyes.

But, as Naruto is now in danger, Boruto finally wakes, and something in his eye will activate. Will it help his father to survive?

In the more detailed summary Twitter user Abdul Zoldyck shared, he revealed the new chapter would start with Naruto and Kurama. The two are talking about the new mode while the latter compared it to nuclear fusion.

Kurama reveals this mode will combine their chakras to create a new energy form, making Naruto wonder if it is different from the Six-Paths mode or the Nine-Tails mode. As Kurama says it is nothing compared to the two methods, he advises Naruto not to make any unnecessary movements and hold the new form as long as possible.

As his fight against Isshiki begins, Naruto successfully gets the upper hand. Even so, Isshiki manages to fight back and uses his cubes technique to bury Naruto under huge cube blocks.

Naruto, alternatively, survives, lifts the blocks, and comes out in front of the surprised Isshiki. Sasuke then tries to take Boruto away from the battlefield, per International Business Times.

Naruto is now in his new form and grabs the rods with his bare hands that once again surprise Isshiki with his "sudden power surge." The scene then switches to Kawaki and Amado, who are talking about the initial's prosthetic arm, which was originally Naruto's.

Naruto's chakra is the only thing that can control this arm, so when it starts to move, everyone is shocked. Back in the war zone, Naruto now feels tired, and his new mode starts to get weak.

Sasuke begins to worry if Naruto's form is starting to deteriorate. As Boruto also fears for his dad, he suddenly faints due to his injuries.

Naruto knows his new form will wear off anytime, and Isshiki feels his opponent's weakening state. He then warns Naruto has to give his life to make his new formwork against him.

As Isshiki feels he is about to defeat Naruto, he suddenly pukes blood. He now starts to worry for his life, thinking if Naruto's earlier attacks have damaged him.

Naruto then declares the real battle is about to begin. Isshiki's life is starting to decrease rapidly, and he only has 30 minutes to survive. As Nine-Tail tells Naruto to focus on giving Isshiki a single blow to take him down, the villain attacks Naruto that may cause his demise.

Boruto Chapter 52 is set to be out on Friday, November 20, on Shonen Jump.

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