Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 leaks and spoilers are now out and the first 12 pages summary reveals Goku's new form. Nope, it is not the Ultra Instinct or Super Saiyan power of some kind, but a transformation to be as big as Moro.

Fans are about to see a giant Goku in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66. He will be in a new Titan form to match the evil villain's strength that may help the much-loved hero bring the antagonist down by targeting the crystal on his forehead.

However, BlockToro noted Goku is only controlling his Titan form and doesn't turn into a giant himself, just like how people control Titans in Attack on Titan. As Moro seems to have no chance to get off the fight, can Goku finally beat him this time?

To recall, Goku has almost defeated Moro in the previous chapters, but a major plot twist happened that seemed to prolong the story arc. Anyhow, EconoTimes confirmed the Galactic Prisoner Arc would end after Chapter 66.

So, how can Goku bring Moro down? Moro's giant form comes from Earth, and its people have been helping him to grow enormous.

With his size, it is quite challenging for Goku to match his power and strength. In the leak, Goku will have a vessel that will elevate him to reach the crystal on Moro's forehead. By the looks of it, Goku is in his mastered Ultra Instinct form, and his gigantic form is said to be one of the possible perks that come if he has perfected this ability.

Anyhow, as the leak doesn't reveal if Goku will finally defeat Moro, one of the panels show the Super Saiyan has reached the crystal and about to ruin it. Will Goku experience the sweet taste of victory?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 is set to be out on Friday, November 20. The new chapter's exact release time is yet to be out, but HITC cited it might drop at midnight Japan Standard Time.

Its release time in other countries, on the other hand, differ based on the regions fans are in. If it manages to stick to its original time, then the new chapter will drop at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, 11 a.m. Central Time, noon Eastern Time, and 5 p.m. British Time.

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