Black Clover Chapter 272, titled "The Hunting Grounds of Darkness," spoilers are now out, revealing Nacht has once again defeated Asta and Liebe. As their battle continues, will Asta and Liebe manage to even match Nacht's strength?

The Black Clover Chapter 272 summary revealed Yuno would meet Langris and the latter asked about Bell. Yuno asks Langris to train him since that latter is much stronger now, per BlockToro.

Nacht has now defeated Asta and Liebe in the much-awaited fight, teasing them that they "lost again." Asta and Liebe are no match to Nacht's powers.

Liebe suffers the same injuries when Asta uses his black form. Later, they realize they have to find a way to unite.

Asta carries Liebe on his shoulders and proudly says they are united. The fight then continues and despite the two's unity, Nacht effortlessly beat the two.

Asta and Liebe will never let anyone of them die. Nacht teases the two that although they have the potential, it is still a shame that he can bring them down.

Elsewhere, Asta and Liebe think of Yami and Licita. Black Clover Chapter 272 will then end with a major cliffhanger, teasing a new form may be unleashed with its end comment, saying, "New power stirring."

In the previous episode, Natch used his Devil Union Mode: Canin to unite with his devils. He then told Asta to fuse with his devil Liebe and draw its Anti-Magic power, per International Business Times.

Previously, Asta and Liebe made a contract that would make them equal to each other. However, due to their agreement's nature, Asta can't use Liebe's full power.

When Nacht fused with his devil, he summoned Gidemolo's characteristics, called Packs. Later, the Packs' shadow monsters attacked Asta and Liebe and the only way for the two to get rid of these enemies was to bring Nacht down. Sadly, it might never happen.

Black Clover Chapter 272 is set to be out on Friday, November 20, at midnight Japan Standard Time, per HITC. However, its release time will be different in other countries.

If its release time in Japan will be followed, the English translations will be later out at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, 11 a.m. Central Time, noon Eastern Time, and 5 p.m. British Time.

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