The full summary of One Piece Chapter 996, titled "The Island of the Strongest," is now out, revealing how the new installment will run this time. Fans are abotu to see a lot of intense turn of events, from Nami and Usopp's escape to Luffy's team's way to the third floor.

One Piece Chapter 996s's cover features Blackbeard brushing his teeth with a hippo. Everything started with Tama, Nami, and Uppo escaping while on Komachiyo's back. Tama told them she used an enemy's ship to get where they are.

In the next scene, Yamato finds it hard to fight while trying to block bullets from hitting Momonusuke. Shinobu then asks Yamato to take Momonusuke and leave her if she is indeed a samurai. Yamato then tells Shinobu Kozuki Oden will never do such a thing.

Cut to Sasaki; he noticed his Armored Troop has dramatically decreased in numbers, so he decides to join the fight. He grabs his sword, but Yamato suddenly transforms. Her teeth turn sharp, and she starts to growl, making Sasaki shocked.

Franky Shogun then runs into the scene and Haccha, who hits the floor that later collapses. Yamato takes advantage of the moment and grabs Momonusuke and Shinobu to escape.

Yamato tells Franky she is leaving Sasaki to him as Luffy only asks her to protect Momonosuke. Anyhow, when Yamato uses her Narikabura, it sends a powerful shock that knocks Haccha in an instant. She then talks to Momosuke, reminding him he has to live on as he is the only one who will "bring this world to its dawn."

Elsewhere, International Business Times added One Piece Chapter 996 would also give an update about Kid and Killer. The two are now on the third floor, getting their way to the Skull Dome's roof, where Kaido is fighting against the Red Scabbards.

Kid prepares a bunch of metal piles in his hand to use against Kaido. On the other hand, the villain is busy using his kanabo to bring the Red Scabbards down.

Also, Big Mom's return to the room causes panic to everyone, but she, too, aims to go to the top floor where Kaido is. The new chapter will end with Luffy's group getting really near the stairs to the third floor.

Sanji then hears a woman's voice, saying, "that's OK." He will then be shocked seeing someone is pulling this lady's kimono off.

One Piece Chapter 996 is set to be out on Friday, November 20, at midnight, Japan Standard Time, per HITC. However, its release time will be different in other areas.

So, fans are about to see the new chapter at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, 11 a.m. Central Time, noon Eastern Time, and 5 p.m. British Time.

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