The world now knows that the iconic Hummer is making a huge comeback and by 2021, the all-electric Hummer EV pickup truck will be running on American roads, courtesy of GMC. It turns out that the same automaker intends to build an SUV version and the package to unveil has been previewed.

GMC held an event this week that served to reveal the company's ambitious electrification plans, which will cost around $27 billion over the next five years. The automaker said at least 30 electric vehicles will be released within the timeline mentioned and most if not, all will boast of autonomous driving features.

The stirring unloading will include the Hummer EV SUV, and the existence of which GMC has confirmed when the Hummer truck was introduced in October. It seemed that an SUV prototype is now available and this engineering sample provides a generous teaser of the things to expect.

Electrek said the sneak peek from GMC unwrapped a load of specs. The Hummer SUV is expected to be a near-twin of the pickup version and only the exterior will pretty much differ. But the two EVs will share the same functionalities and features, and of course, the rugged sexiness first exuded by the Hummer pickup truck.

The Hummer SUV will retail in three variants with a starting price of $79,995 and the most premium version will be tagged at $99,995. As expected, the most expensive of the electrified SUV will be the most powerful of the servings, walloping at 800HP and reaching a maximum driving range of over 300 miles.

GMC will be pushing out this variant in late 2022 and all three will be fired up by the company's in-house Ultium battery and drive train technology. The rollout is set to be completed in 2024 and by which time, consumers will have the option of grabbing a unit that suits their liking and budget.

For perspective, the Hummer EV pickup truck will hit the market at almost the same price as its SUV cousin's entry-level version. The former, however, will be packed with greater power and increased driving range while enjoying the same EV features. So it will be a matter of preference in deciding that vehicle to drive home next year.

The Verge described GMC's electric vehicle push as bigger and bolder, and sure enough, the company indicated that a second-generation of the Ultium battery technology is already in the works. When the new battery pack becomes available, GMC estimated that the EV driving experience will become more affordable.

At the same time, GMC EVs with Version 2.0 of the Ultium battery will pack more energy, which translates to increased mileage and greater horsepower in a single charge.