If it were so easy to lose weight, more than 2 billion people would not be overweight. But the reality is, changing old habits is no easy task. It takes dedication, hard work, and support from friends and family to make the whole ordeal less daunting.

And yet a lot of us don't even realize that several of the things we're so used to doing leading us to the wrong health path, and it is when we start to see consequences -- like gaining a ton of weight -- we find ways to change the scenario. What we do know is that weight gain is the result of consuming way too many calories.

However, it is also true that excessive weight gain is an imbalance of healthy and unhealthy habits. Foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and plant-based fats are on one side of the scale-the healthy side. On the other side, there are not-so-healthy options-sugary foods, those rich in saturated fats, and packaged and processed foods.

It's not just the diet that can cause weight problems, though. Unhealthy habits also have a part to play. That's how they can lead you to take more calories, even without even realizing it.

A group of researchers in Spain identified core behaviors that encourage a diet of poor quality. Stuff like frequenting fast-food restaurants, snacking machines, and eating while watching TV. But the researchers have also determined that a substantial weight gain is typically attributed not only to one bad habit but rather to a combination.

To learn more, they followed 1,600 people for up to four years, focusing on the effects of six specific unhealthy lifestyles:

  1. Not planning how much you're going to eat.
  2. Consumption of pre-cooked or canned food.
  3. Buying some snacks.Eating in fast-food restaurants.
  4. Don't choose low-calorie foods.
  5. Not removing visible fat from chicken meat or skin.
  6. Eating while watching TV or lying on the couch.

The more these unhealthy habits people have, the more likely they are to gain weight, researchers have found.In fact, three habits have the greatest correlation to weight gain: not planning the amount of food you're going to eat; dining in fast-food restaurants, and eating while watching TV.

Although it's not always easy to break bad habits, focusing on these three might make a difference in the number on your scale. Exercise also makes you healthier and happier. Not only can it raise your energy level, but it will also help you lose those extra kilos that have been troubling you.