BTS maknae Jungkook debuted as a director with BTS' "Life Goes On" MV and showcased his creativity behind the cameras. Within 36 minutes, it became the fastest MV to reach 1 million views.

According to a report by Koreaboo, BTS' youngest member received plenty of support from his hyungs who encouraged him to direct their new music video.While "Life Goes On" is his first formal directing credit, Jungkook has been tinkering with the camera for as long as fans remember.

During the early days of BTS, fans recalled how the group's youngest member was always caught holding the staff's equipment, showing a genuine interest in it. Fans were also privy to Jungkook's keen interest in learning about different angles and shots, exploring them with the use of different cameras for his photography.

It did not take long before Jungkook developed a passion for photography and made it his hobby. During behind the scenes clips of BTS activities, the golden maknae was often spotted with a camera slung on his neck or photographing a particularly memorable scene.

In BTS' YouTube channel, Jungkook uploads videos of his co-members that he candidly took with his camera. He uploaded these as part of his G.C.F. or Golden Closet Film. Fans praised him for his keen eye and editing savvy, so they were not surprised that he was finally tasked to helm BTS' comeback video.

ARMYs turned up in full force to support Director Jungkook, as fans celebrated the maknae's accomplishment on social media, All Kpop reported.

After the "Life Goes On" MV release, it did not take long before fans trended #Jungkook, #JK, and #LifeGoesOn on Twitter. They expressed support for Jungkook's project and made the video become the fastest MV to reach 1 million views.

It broke "Dynamite's" record of reaching 1 million views in 52 minutes by achieving the feat in just 36 minutes.

The "Life Goes On" MV was an emotional and inspiring song about what people all over the world are experiencing during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It talked about the feeling of being trapped and being unable to see the end at the light of the tunnel. The song encouraged fans to stay strong and stick together whenever they fall in despair, assuring that their relationship with their fans will not change no matter what challenges lie ahead.

"Life Goes On" further inspired fans to look forward to the day that all the darkness is over to welcome the glow of the new day.