Sony's next-generation console, the PS5, is now available worldwide. However, unlike its predecessor, the new console does not support transferring saves using USB. Because of this, users resort to cloud saves, but it requires a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Several sites report that the PS5 does not support the transfer of saved files using USB. It turns out that the PS5 save files are set apart from the save data of PlayStation 4 in the Safe Data as well as in the Game/App Settings menu system. The Console Storage option in the Saved Data menu shows that there is only one choice in transferring saves and that is by using cloud storage available only to those with PlayStation Plus accounts.

Essentially, there is no option available for USB file transfer in Sony's PS5. For those who do not have a PlayStation Plus subscription, there is no way of moving their saves off the console. Gamers itching to transfer their saves could subscribe to PS Plus, which costs $5 a month if paid annually.

Aside from the ability to move, save, and backup purposes, subscribers also get free monthly games and downloadable rewards in other titles. There are actually a lot of PlayStation Plus subscribers because of the free monthly games, but there is a chance that the restriction on cloud saves could also cause issues in the long run.

The Japanese gaming giant allegedly mentioned in the past that it has plans to enable PS5 players to export their PS5 saves through USB sticks and USB drives soon. However, at launch, this feature is not yet available. Sony did not mention when it specifically plans to make the said feature available. And until it is not available, those who prefer to use USB sticks or those that have no PS Plus subscription has no way of moving their saves.

Understandably, a lot of PlayStation users expressed their frustrations about Sony's decision on social media. Sony has not made any official statements on the issue. The Japanese gaming console maker must have better reasons for this decision. There might be security issues involved.

It is also possible that Sony already made it available, but a bug popped up when the PS5 was about to launch and therefore removed it last minute. But, these are just speculations. PlayStation users are waiting for Sony to explain this big missing feature on PS5.

PS5 is now available worldwide. The PS5 Standard edition retails at $499, while the PS5 Digital Edition costs $399.