Verizon announced the start of the "5G Fleet Swap," a program in cooperation with Apple aimed at encouraging enterprise customers to exchange their smartphones for iPhone 12s at zero upfront cost.

In a bid to encourage more users to shift to iPhone 12, Verizon today announced the start of its "5G Fleet Swap" program. The program allows enterprise customers like the business or government agencies to upgrade their existing smartphones to Apple's new iPhone 12s without paying for an upfront cost.

According to Verizon, businesses that opt for the iPhone 12 mini after the transition no longer have to pay for the cost of the unit itself. For the rest of the iPhone 12 models, on the other hand, enterprise customers only have to pay a low monthly cost. The "5G Fleet Swap" program, which Verizon launched in cooperation with Apple Inc, also encourages users to try using 5G network technology whenever available.

Under the "5G Fleet Swap" program, enterprise customers can opt to trade in their fleet of smartphones from Verizon, or any other mobile carriers and upgrade their smartphones to any iPhone within the iPhone 12 family. Verizon said that this initiative will make it easier for the enterprise sector to shift from a 4G network to 5G networks. "The iPhone 12 lineup is the best for the enterprise sector, with its advanced 5G experience, industry-leading security, all-new design, as well as its A14 Bionic chip, the fastest ever in a smartphone," said Susan Prescott, the vice president of Markets, Apps and Services at Apple Inc.

Prescott also said that the "5G Fleet Swap" program that Verizon launched recently, allowing enterprise customers to trade in their smartphones for the new iPhone 12, will make it easy for businesses to adapt to the new 5G technology. "Paired with Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband going indoors and its5G Fleet Swap, an all-new device offer for businesses, it's now easier for enterprise customers to build transformational mobile apps that take advantage of the powerful iPhone 12 lineup and 5G technology," Prescott added. With no upfront cost, Verizon is sure many enterprise customers will take advantage of the program.

Verizon underscored the apps that enterprise customers can benefit from when using a 5G connection. This includes the Maximo Visual Inspection app by IBM and used to monitor and track production line flaws. There is also the JigSpace that allows users to access documents and manuals with comprehensive augmented reality experiences for the creation of technical equipment. With the "5G Fleet Swap" program that Verizon just launched, enterprise customers who exchange their fleet of smartphones to iPhone 12 will benefit a lot from these apps. The telecommunications company also announced the launch of two 5G ultra-wideband technology for enterprise customers.