Boruto Chapter 53 will continue the intense battle between Naruto and Isshiki. As the manga has been teasing the death of the shinobi, will he die, or someone else will sacrifice his life to save the Konoha village?

Masashi Kishimoto will start by taking over the writing works of Boruto Chapter 53 from Ukyō Kodachi. Now that a new writer helms the series, there may be a few changes that fans are about to see.

According to BlockToro, fans may see Boruto continuing the battle against Isshiki as his father and Sasuke have both sustained major injuries from the fight. Boruto needs to gather his energy and stand up after collapsing in the previous chapter.

The new installment's synopsis hinted at the possibility of the end if "karma" is engraved or marked on one's body. It also teased something may happen to Boruto as the "last move approaches."

There are theories Boruto may die and take Isshiki with him to save everyone. However, Boruto may never let his father meet his demise, so he may unlock new powers, like Jorugan, or let Momoshiki take control of his body to bring Isshiki down.

Peter Tseros from Nerds4Life also suggested Sasuke might be the one who would die in Boruto Chapter 53. It is quite impossible for Naruto to die this early, knowing his passing will also mean the end of Kurama.

Isshiki still has a dire need of this Kurama to unleash the Ten-Tails, so he may try to avoid killing Naruto. Kawaki also said he did something to Naruto in the future, which hinted that he is still alive in the coming chapters. It, too, only means he has survived his fight against Isshiki.

On the other hand, Sasuke may also save Naruto's life. Sasuke may do the same thing Nagato did when he sacrificed his life to revive Konoha villages. So, fans may see Sasuke's death instead of Naruto.

To recall, in the previous episode, Naruto and Kurama talked about the Nine-Tails' jinchūriki's new mode after the fusion, which could be compared to nuclear fusion. This fusion was developed by fusing two energy matters that made a new energy source.

However, Kurama warned Naruto not to make any unnecessary moves during the fight, as they needed to get the hold of the new mode as long as possible, per International Business Times.

Manga Plus and Viz Media are yet to announce the official release date of Boruto Chapter 53. However, knowing the manga only comes every month, it may drop on December 20. Fans can still read Boruto Chapter 52 on Viz and Manga Plus.

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