Nacht once again had the upper hand over Asta and Liebe in Black Clover Chapter 272. As the brothers will continue their training in Black Clover Chapter 273, will they finally surpass their limit?

Asta and Liebe will find a way to win the fight against Nacht in Black Clover Chapter 273. They will use Yami and Licita as their inspiration to push themselves to be much stronger.

The two will finally fuse to unleash a new stronger form after learning how to do so. Elsewhere, Yuno is about to take the spotlight after Langris asked him to train him, per BlockToro. By the looks of it, he is willing to go the extra mile to save his friend, William Vangeance.

The previous chapter featured the continuation of everyone's training, preparing for a war against the Spade Kingdom. Chapter 272's first few scenes showed Yuno's trainees and how Asta's continuous training went on, GamenGuides noted.

Despite their hard work, Asta and Liebe remained to be out of sync. They still found it hard to bring Nacht down, let alone match his power.

With his incredible ability, Asta still didn't know what to do to defeat Nacht and his devil power. Nacht seemed to be losing his patience with Asta and his devil because of their slow progress.

Sadly, they didn't have the chance to return to the surface, not until they had managed to defeat Nacht during their training. The Black Bull's vice-captain used his Mana Zone: Dark Prison against his trainees, resulting in their inability to sense their enemies' chakra and avoid their incoming attacks.

Before Chapter 272 officially ended, Asta and Liebe promised that their hard work would finally bear its fruit that would let them take control of the fight. Asta and Liebe are about to make a massive transformation in Black Clover Chapter 273, giving them a chance to win over Nacht.

Black Clover Chapter 273 is set to be out on Sunday, November 29, on VIZ and Shueisha's Manga plus official platforms. The manga's new chapters usually drop every Sunday, although it had been in a hiatus for a week after its author, Yuki Tabata, fell sick, per Omnitos. Anyhow, he is all fine and back into shape, so he is also now working on the series.

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