Fans surely miss Deku and the rest of the gang after My Hero Academia Chapter 292's two-week hiatus. When it returns, it will reveal the reason why Dabi returns to the League of Villains, while Endeavor emerges as another villain aside from Hawks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 292 will see fans' reaction after they learned Hawks is a murderer. According to Devdiscourse, the new installment will begin with Best Jeanist, stopping Dabi, who revealed himself as Toya, from attacking Endeavor.

Best Jeanist's arrival only means that he is alive, so it is not true that Hawks killed him, let alone that the latter is a murderer. It will prove Dabi is lying amid the claim that may help clean the heroes' reputation after the negative news spread about him.

Elsewhere, the new installment will mostly focus on featuring Dabi, Shoto, Gigantomachia, and Best Jeanist. It will also show Dabi and his long intent to kill his father, Endeavor, and ruin his profile as the No. 1 Pro Hero.

In addition, Shoto will also be in deep trouble for remaining the only unhurt hero. Later, Gigantomachia and other League of Villains will arrive.

In the previous episode, Endavor couldn't believe Dabi's revelation that he is his son, Toya, after seeing his child burned to death. The Flame Hero doubted Dabi's claims, but the latter called him "dad," saying he is still alive, EconoTimes noted.

To prove his assertion, Endeavor took a DNA test and the result was revealed on TV, showing they were 99.9% match. He then admitted he took a sample of his father's blood after his fight with Kyushu.

Dabi aired a pre-recorded video on TV, narrating how Endeavor forced his wife to bear more children to have an ultimate hero that could inherit his and Rei's powerful quirk. From here, he managed to ruin the Pro Hero's image, while Dabi also accused Hawks as a murderer, killing Twice and Best Jeanist.

This is just one of Dabi's too many attempts to make the heroes look bad, making it look like they are the real villains.

My Hero Academia Chapter 292 is set to be out on Sunday, November 29, at midnight, Japan Standard Time, per HITC. If its release time is followed, its English translations will later drop at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, 11 a.m. Central Time, noon Eastern Time, and 5 p.m. British Time.

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