The eldest son of United States President Donald Trump has been diagnosed with coronavirus, a spokesperson said Friday.

The 42-year old Donald Trump Jr is the latest member of the first family to test positive for the disease as cases increase across the nation.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump Jr's girlfriend, also tested positive for COVID over the summer as the duo participated in the president's campaign sorties throughout the country.

Trump Jr learned of the test result at the start of the week and has shown no symptoms, the spokesperson who was granted anonymity to disclose private medical details, said.

The spokesperson said Trump Jr has been "completely asymptomatic" and was following all medically recommended coronavirus protocols.

The news comes as more than 250,000 fatalities and more than 11 million infections have been confirmed in the U.S., NBC News' tally shows. The U.S. is now registering over 100,000 cases of the virus per day, with the virus showing no signs of let-up. Infections first breached the 100,000 reported cases in a day mark on Nov. 4.

First lady Melania Trump, her youngest son Barron, and the presidential chief of staff Mark Meadows including a number of other top White House aides have tested positive of the virus in recent months. On Thursday, the U.S. posted another daily record -- nearly 188,000 infections.

Incoming President Joe Biden made the incumbent Trump's handling of the pandemic a top issue in the recently held U.S. presidential elections, although Trump has yet to concede defeat.

According to the Associated Press, the U.S. is now averaging over 1,300 pandemic deaths a day - the highest level since the virus infected a huge part of New York City in the spring. The morbidity rate from the disease in the country reached around 2,200 per day in late April.

Trump Jr was among the roughly 250 guests who attended his father's election night party at the White House, where many people were seen without any face coverings.

In other developments, U.S. biotech group Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech, said they had filed for emergency authorization from the FDA to use their COVID-19 vaccine, adding they were set to commence distribution within hours of getting authorization.

U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar on Friday disclosed that the administration could come up with a decision about the experimental vaccine's emergency use in the next few days.