"Demon's Souls" Remake is teeming with odd creatures and hideous bosses and one of them is the Phalanx boss. Battling with this boss requires patience and perseverance since rushing to attack him would only make the player's effort a waste. While he may seem indestructible because of his minions, there is a method to quickly and easily take him down.

How to Beat Phalanx in "Demon's Souls" Remake

The quickest and probably the easiest way to eliminate Phalanx in "Demon's Souls" Remake is by using firebombs. The boss is weak to fire, which means tossing firebombs could cause him damage. If the player has limited firebombs, there are lots scattered throughout the level leading to the boss fight. "Demon's Souls" Remake players could also use Pine Resin since it sets the weapon ablaze.

Phalanx is a massive glob of shields and parasites and some of these would detach from him and follow the player around the area. It is best to ignore these minions as much as possible and concentrate on eliminating those attached to the main boss to make a way to the shining blue light concealed within, which is his core.

In "Demon's Souls" Remake, firebombs deal splash damage. It means the player must try to hit as many blobs as possible in one throw. Target Phalanx to burn the other attached blobs. For players with access to magic, they could use Soul Arrow to make quick work of the fight considering that blobs' shields don't resist magic damage.

However, Soul Arrow is only available on Royalty Class. If the player could not resist fighting the blobs that have detached from Phalanx, he could take them on one at a time. As for those in Phalanx's body, make sure that the firebombs could create an opening. Also, it is important to note that these shields and spears mitigate frontal damage.

Other Details

The best way to cause damage to them is by hitting and striking them from behind. The same applies to the boss, Phalanx. When enough blobs are taken out, the soft core of the boss would be exposed. This is his vulnerable spot and the player could use his sword to strike the squishy insides.

Phalanx could take quite a bit of damage and should go down easily at this point. "Demon's Souls" Remake players should also be cautious of the blobs that may sneak up. Defeating Phalanx in "Demon's Souls" Remake would reward the player with 1270 Souls, one Lead Demon's Soul and the Phalanx Trophy.