"Demon's Souls" the game that made From Software a household name and birthed several titles like "Sekiro: Die Twice," "Dark Souls" and "Bloodborne" now has a remake on PS5. Just like other "Souls" titles, the game is complicated, challenging, and would most likely require some players to use search engines for guides at one point. Players can check out some tips and tricks in this guide to help them make their opening hours in "Demon's Souls" Remake a little more manageable.

Mind Your Starting Choices

At the start of the player's journey, he will need to create a character and select their starting classes. Unlike other games, the character classes in "Demon's Souls" Remake is just the start of the player's journey. When the player starts to collect weapons and use the souls of fallen enemies to increase his level or magnify critical stats, he can freely evolve his starting character based on his liking. Picking a humble barbarian as a character could allow the player to evolve it into a cannon by the end of the game.

Knowing Where To Start And Where to Go Next

For new "Demon's Souls" Remake players, do not be surprised if the first big boss battle with the Vanguard Demon would one-hit annihilate you. It is specifically designed that way. When the player awakens in the Nexus, he must head to the leftmost archstone, the Boletarian Palace, or 1-1. Defeat the huge slimy demon Phalanx and access the rest of the archstones.

Explore The World

"Demon's Souls" Remake has five independent worlds all connected to the Nexus. Within the Nexus, players can travel every location in the game from one of the five archstones. Places include the Tower of Latria, the Stonefang Tunnel, the Boletarian Palace, the Valley of Defilement and the Shrine of Storms.

"Demon's Souls" Remake players are not expected to finish every archstone in one run. The player essentially completed the first part of the realm when he defeated a boss in one real and unlocked the next waypoint. It is possible to keep on pushing forward. However, players would soon realize that enemies become more challenging after a boss fight. Players could explore a new space if they feel like they got stuck in their progress.

"Demon's Souls" Remake is out now and exclusively available on Sony's PS5.