One of the most-awaited features introduced by update 1.1 in "Genshin Impact" is the new Reputation Progression System. Leveling up in Reputation opens new rewards, including the interesting compass that directly points towards collectibles. The Mondstadt and its Archon quest is one of the easy to miss quests in the game, but unknown to some, it offers 20 Reputation points when completed.

Requirements to Start Mondstadt and Its Archon Quest

Unfortunately, not all "Genshin Impact" players could play the Mondstadt and its Archon quest. It is only available to players with Adventure rank 36 or higher. Also, players have to complete the Carmen Dei Chapter: Act 1 in Venti's story quest to qualify for the quest.

How to Complete Mondstadt And its Archon Quest

The quest will be available as soon as the player completes the two requirements. To start the quest, talk to Grace. Players can find her at the back of Mondstadt under the large statue of the wind Archon, Barbatos.

Players can quickly reach the statue by teleporting to Mondstadt's northernmost waypoint. The statue is unmissable because it is towering. As players approach the area, a light blue exclamation point will surface, an indication of the quest's starting point.

After speaking to grace and she accepted the request, the "Genshin Impact" player would be tasked to look for some Dandelion Seeds. This could be found at the front entrance of Mondstadt. Find the neon blue flora and players could find five to six Dandelion Seeds nearby.

"Genshin Impact" players should use any Anemo technique to gather the seeds. Animo technique could be obtained by utilizing the Traveler's basic elemental skill. For players who have not yet unlocked other Anemo characters, just interact with the loosened seeds to harvest the Dandelion Seeds.

After that, go back to grace and bring the seeds. She will ask the player to scale the body of the statue until the player is standing on their hands. Spread the Dandelion Seeds when reaching the top. When at the top, sit on the fingertips of the statue to unlock an easy achievement.

"Genshin Impact" players would get a few Primogems for this. Go back to the ground and talk with Grace to complete the Mondstadt and its Archon quest. With Mondstadt and Its Archon on the player's pocket, go back to the Reputation bulletin board and get the bonus.

"Genshin Impact" is now available. The game just received its first major update. It is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices.