"A New Star Approaches" is the name of the first major update of the hit RPG game from miHoYo. One of its most significant additions in "Genshin Impact" is the new Reputation System that offers lots of rewards and the game-changing Condensed Resin. For players that need to know more about these latest additions, they can check out this guide.

Monstadt And Liyue Reputation Guide

To begin with the Monstadt Reputation system, "Genshin Impact" players need to complete "The Outlander who Caught the Wind - Prologue: Act I." After that, speak with Hertha, who will be at the north section of the region. Players would then see the Monstadt reputation screen with panels showing requests, bounties, world exploration and quests.

Each task is provided with reputation EXP values like the "Genshin Impact" Battle Pass. a list of goals is also provided along with their corresponding EXP. Upon reaching the location, players have 10 minutes to locate three pieces of evidence and destroy the target. Use sight and trail the elemental lines that would lead the player to the right spot.

After locating all three pieces of evidence, "Genshin Impact" players could fight the enemy. It is smarter to pick the ones that offer 100 reputation. It is worth noting that players may complete three bounties and three requests every week. This applies to Liyue and Monstadt.

Condensed Resin

It is important for "Genshin Impact" players to prioritize Liyue first, although Monstadt offers a better reputation EXP for farming. The reason is because of COndensed Resin. With the Liyue reputation system, players could earn rank three rewards in the region that could help them create Condensed Resin. Typically, players need to spend 20 Resin when completing the Ley Line Outcrops and Abyssal Domains.

Go to an alchemy bench upon learning the recipe and craft OCndensed Resin using one Crystal Core and 40x Original Resin. Crystal Core is from Crystalflies found in Teyvat, particularly in the Statue of the Seven Windrise. It is worth mentioning that "Genshin Impact" players could have a maximum of three COndensed Resin at any given time in their inventory.

When running out of Condensed Resin, just go back to the alchemy bench and craft more. Interact with the tree or object when doing the Ley Line Outcrop or farming Abyssal Domain drops. It yields two times the reward players regularly get. Essentially, players spend less time farming for artifacts and materials.

"Genshin Impact" is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android devices. It is confirmed to release on Nintendo Switch soon.