News of "PUBG Mobile India" releasing soon are rife online following the team's official confirmation of the game. Earlier, PUBG Corporation launched a teaser about the game's relaunch in the region. Interestingly, a new game trailer featuring new emotes and weapons is trending right now, but it appears that it is fake. reported that a new "PUBG Mobile India" trailer appeared on the game's TapTap page. The said trailer reportedly features new weapons, skins, emotes and costumes. The trailer is trending right now on various social media outfits, including WhatsApp and uploaded and shared on different YouTube channels.

Unfortunately, the report claims that the attest "PUBG Mobile India" trailer is fake. However, the report did not explicitly explain how the trailer is fake. So far, the only trailer officially released for the game is the one that features Indian streamers Jonathan, Kronten and Dynamo.

"PUBG Mobile" is a hit game in India and when the government decided to ban it from the region, many players were disappointed. The confirmation that "PUBG Mobile" is releasing soon is good news to players. However, it also birthed a lot of fake reports that confused gamers.

One of these is the "PUBG Mobile India" pre-registration page on TapTap. PUBG Corporation did not announce that the mobile battle royale game would be available for pre-registration on TapTap, making the page highly suspicious. Despite this, apparently, lots of gamers still pre-registered on the page.

At the time of this publication, the alleged "PUBG Mobile India" pre-registration is no longer available. There are also claims that a fake "PUBG Mobile India" Twitter account surfaced after the official announcement and confirmation from PUBG Corporation that the game is relaunching in the region. The anticipation is high for the game's release.

Unfortunately, PUBG Corporation has not yet revealed the official release date of the game in India. Several "PUBG Moile" gamers also reported that the APK download link of "PUBG Mobile India" briefly appeared on its official website. While the APK download option is available, the button is not working. Again, several fans speculated that the team could be testing the bandwidth before the game's official release.

It is worth noting that since PUBG Corporation and "PUBG Mobile India" have not yet revealed the release date, any report should be taken with a pinch of salt. Giving personal information on fake pre-registration sites and the likes could put the owner in danger.