Several users of the HomePod mini say they are starting to experience WiFi connectivity issues with their device and that the solutions given so far were all temporary.

Apple released the HomePod mini during the company's 'Hi, Speed' event last October 13. It promised a whole new world of features for users, including its ability to transform into an intercom that connects with other Apple devices like the iPhone and iPads. Recently, however, some customers reported having WiFi connectivity problems with the smart speaker and the suggested solution does not seem like a permanent fix.

The HomePod mini is a smaller and cheaper version of the standard HomePod, Apple's smart speaker and microphone and the company's answer to the Amazon Echo, though with more focus on sound quality. Like its big brother, the HomePod mini supports Siri commands and has the same superior microphone and sound technology. Recent improvements made by Apple allowed both the HomePod and the HomePod mini to function as intercom systems that can broadcast messages sent from any of Apple's mobile devices. It is like having a multi-function device in your home, though recently some users complained of having WiFi connectivity issues with their HomePod mini and the solutions provided do not seem to fix or offer a permanent solution to the problem.

Online news outfit 9to5Mac reported the complaints posted by some users on Apple forums, as well as on Reddit. Among the issues they encountered is the HomePod mini's WiFi connectivity issue, which causes the device to suddenly drop off the network and the suggested solution does not appear to be a permanent fix. Initially, there were only a few users who reported the issue, but as days go by, it swelled into several more with many of them reporting issues that appear similar to the original posts about WiFi connectivity issues. Users say that when they issue commands to their HomePod minis, the device responds to the voice command with "I am having trouble connecting to the Internet."

Several users admitted receiving suggestions from various Apple forums on how to resolve the problem, although they also said that such solutions do not seem like a permanent fix. Users reveal that after performing the suggested troubleshooting steps, which include rebooting or resetting the HomePod mini, users report it resolved the issue only temporarily, and after some time, the WiFi connectivity problem reappeared.

Some users said that the WiFi connectivity problem seems limited to the HomePod mini as their other HomePod devices which also use the same WiFi connection are all working fine. With the suggested solutions appearing temporary and with no permanent fix in sight, users are starting to flood forums with their complaints. It should be noted, however, that there is no official acknowledgment from Apple yet regarding the issue. Many users say Apple may already be working on a permanent fix which the company may release soon.