Selling is the bread and butter for entrepreneurs - but live video selling is fast-becoming the most popular medium.

Before ringing a bell in the United States, livestream selling was already big in China and Southeast Asia countries such as the Philippines.

There have been many successes for those that went digital when lockdowns started. An example is Jenna Powell, who owns three Jennaration shops in Alabama.

When the pandemic started, all three of Powell's shops had to shut - propelling her into the online world where livestream selling was rocketing in Asia. She continues to sell her products through live videos.

Like many livestream sellers, Powell broadcasts live multiple times in a week to hundreds who follow her on Facebook. She also uses her store's app to livestream.

Once Powell goes live, viewers can pick from the clothes Powell wears. While clothes are popular there are many other products that livestream sellers market.

Retail data company Coresight Research projected that livestream selling could rake in $5 billion in sales this year.

In China, western beauty and cosmetics brands are starting to see success through the new trend in e-commerce.

German brands joining livestream selling in China include those aimed at the middle class, young consumer group in search of high-quality but affordable beauty products.

Managing director of Alibaba Group's Germany, Austria and Switzerland markets, Karl Wehner, said China's young, middle class consumer is attracted to Germany's high-quality cosmetics.

An example is Cosnova, which has been livestream its products this year. Cosnova works with some of the most popular opinion leaders in the country to attract younger buyers.

Live video selling is expected to be a game changer in e-commerce - especially as more people opt for noncontact purchases and online payments.

While the American livestream market has yet to blow up, analysts believe it is already starting to join the craze as more influencers make use of live videos.

Alibaba and other platforms are at the center of livestream e-commerce in China and in the U.S. Amazon Live is paving the way for sellers.

Whether through live videos on a brand's own account or by partnering with influencers, livestream selling is expected to change how entrepreneurs navigate their target markets.