Apple secures the services of influencers to help boost the popularity of its iPhone 12 mini on the video-sharing social networking service TikTok.

Apple is getting active on TikTok. The company may finally be getting active on TikTok, a video-sharing social networking service, as reports say that it sought the services of a couple of popular influencers to help promote the iPhone 12 mini on the popular platform.

TikTok is a popular short-form, video sharing platform with an estimated 500 million users. The platform allows users to create several-second-long videos that showcase a variety of topics from dances and funny minor mishaps to memes and in some instances, rants. The platform is particularly popular among the young generation, with the age bracket 13 to 26 comprising the majority of users. With Apple enlisting the services of a couple of popular influencers to help boost the image of its iPhone 12 mini on TikTok, this might mean that the company is considering the young generation as a potential market for the small phone.

Apple's new marketing campaign on TikTok shows Jessica Wang and Zachary King in two separate videos. Wang is a popular fashion blogger with more than one million total followers on several accounts, while Zachary King, is a famous Internet personality and illusionist best known for his 'magic vines.' The two popular influencers hired by Apple to boost the popularity of the company's iPhone 12 mini on TikTok, appeared in two different videos consisting of several scenes.

It appears that the message of the video of the two TikTok influencers is how fitting an iPhone 12 mini is in the pockets or small hands of the young generation. On the TikTok video with Wang, it shows the influencer wearing a large overcoat, which in one instant became a small jacket that fits her slim figure. In another scene, Wang appears sitting at a dining table with a huge cake in front of her and when she snapped her finger, it turned into a cupcake. In the third scene, it shows Wang setting down a large potted plant that suddenly became small and matched the table. The final scene showed her holding an iPhone 12 Pro and as soon as her finger touched the Apple logo, it turned into an iPhone 12 mini.

 In the case of Zach King, the first scene shows the 'digital illusionist' turning a huge piano into a small piano, a full-size refrigerator into a compact one, and a huge box that became tiny enough to fit in a limited space at the back of a delivery truck. The final scene shows King touching the back of an iPhone 12 Pro to turn it into an iPhone 12 mini, similar to what Wang did also in the fourth and final scene. The message of the videos that the two popular influencers Apple enlisted to help promote its iPhone 12 mini is not that hard to fathom. It simply tells everyone having a small phone is cool and convenient.

To further drive the message home, the two popular influencers hired by Apple to boost the image of iPhone 12 also added the hashtag #makeitmini and challenged viewers to "make it mini." Reports say that the campaign appears to boost the profile of Apple on the platform as its followers ballooned from only a few thousand to 378,000 followers with 350,000 users liking their posts as of this time.