Tesla's upcoming supercar, the Roadster, promises to be an engineering marvel, performance-wise, but it doesn't mean that the all-electric sports car will be limited to being fast and furious. Elon Musk is making sure that the Roadster when on the road will be catching attention. It's going to be an eye-candy.

The Tesla CEO revealed that when the Roadster finally comes out, it will bring back vivid memories of the original version. The supercar will be delivered boasting of "special paint schemes," meaning users will be hitting the road with their ride rocking in unconventional paint finishes.

This will be in stark contrast to the Roadster prototypes that Tesla had unleashed in full display back in 2017. The sports car was introduced in red and gray paints that then reminded that Tesla intends to compete with the likes of Porsche and Ferrari.

Now according to Musk, the servings will be in a wide array of options, and the Tesla boss confirmed the Roadster in special colors. He added it will be like just the original, which the world first saw in 2008.

Teslarati recalled the original in 13 eye-catching paint finishes and if Musk is being serious the Tesla supercar is set to roll out in shocking color schemes. Expect the Roadster then in Electric Blue, Metallic Yellow, and Very Orange.

The Roadster in rainbow colors will certainly be a strong attraction and the special colors that Musk is advertising on social media could very well prove as one of the sports car's killer features. There is no doubt that the electric supercar as a magnet of attention will contribute to its commercial success but make no mistake, the Roadster will be the "halo car" it's intended to be.

Tesla fans witnessed the jaw-dropping features of the EV when introduced three years ago. According to Electrek, the Roadster when finally released will be packed with the insane functionalities showcased with the prototypes, and this Musk has reiterated.

Musk likewise stressed that delivery of the Roadster is happening soon. His original estimate pointed to a 2020 release but it's obvious that the target is already a miss.

To be clear, Tesla has yet to set a definite production calendar for the Roadster. The assumption is when the Gigafactory in Austin is completed and ready to start production activities then the Tesla supercar will be built in large-scale mode.

Tesla indicated that the Giga Austin will be online in 2021 and from that facility, the Roadster and the Cybertruck will come out. So the safe bet for the actual Roadster release date is between late next year and anytime in 2022.