WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for MacGyver season 5 episode 3. Read at your own risk.

MacGyver season 5 episode 4 will be the first episode of the action-adventure drama airing next year. Viewers can anticipate a lot of significant stories here, particularly Angus "Mac" MacGyver (Lucas Till) spending some time with Desi Nguyen (Levy Tran) and her family.

The title of the upcoming MacGyver season 5 episode 4 is "Banh Bao + Sterno + Drill + Burner + Mason." Mac is going to be meeting Desi's family, which is a fun moment at first. However, the situation gets a little bit complicated later on.

Based on the synopsis, Mac was set to meet Desi's parents. But then, things go sideways when her brother was caught in the middle of trouble and desperately needs help. Certain questions surround this situation, including how the titular character spends time with the family after this incident.

Beyond this storyline, MacGyver season 5 episode 4 is also bringing a notable villain. It has been teased that Elliot Mason (Peter Weller) is coming back for a particular reason. Team Phoenix knows how terrible this person can be, but they need his help in some ways.

The aforementioned villain has been teased in the episode title, which means he will have a significant role here. As per the synopsis, Matty Webber (Meredith Eaton) and Russ Taylor (Henry Ian Cusick) were forced to reconnect with an old nemesis.

Matty and Russ ask Mason for assistance after one of their new recruitment candidates were kidnapped. This incident could have a huge impact on everyone. This villain will possibly try to harm Mar or someone close to him.

MacGyver season 5 episode 4 picks up some of the stories left in episode 3, as well. In "Eclipse + USMC-1856707 + Step Potential + Chain Lock + Ma," Mac and Riley Davis (Tristin Mays) successfully retrieved the plans for a suitcase nuke, which were believed to have been ordered by the CODEX leader, Leland.

Then, Russ was followed and ended up getting kidnapped. He was forced to record a video, which was sent to the team. Everyone watched the clip, and Riley noticed a CODEX soldier named Roman. This person has been previously thought to be dead.

Russ told the team that the CODEX is searching for Eric Andrews. The organization wants the squad to look for this mercenary in exchange for Russ's freedom. The FBI didn't help the team, so Mac and Desi were forced to free Andrews, known as the "General Ma," aka demon in Southeast Asia.

Andrews has been imprisoned since 1985, and he turned into an ally after Mac and Desi helped him break out in prison. They were able to rescue Russ, who informed them he didn't reveal to CODEX about the scepter's location. This is something that'll continue moving forward.

MacGyver season 5 episode 4 airs on Friday, January 8, 2021, on CBS.