A nurse in Indonesia is facing possible jail time after he was suspended for having sex with a male patient infected with the coronavirus.

The nurse admitted to stripping off his personal protective equipment to have intercourse with the patient in a toilet at a hospital.

The National Nurses Association said the Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital suspected one of its nurses had a same-sex relationship with a patient. The nurse uploaded photos of himself and the patient on social media.

The nurse's post on his Twitter account went viral. The man posted screenshots of their messages on social media - including details of their sexual activities. He also posted a photo that showed his personal protective equipment on the floor while they were having intercourse.

Hospital authorities immediately launched an investigation after the posts became viral. The nurse was suspended after he admitted the incident. Intimate contact with patients is strictly prohibited. The coronavirus can easily be spread through droplets and close physical contact.

Lt. Col. Arh Herwin of the Regional Military Command said that the case has now been transferred to the Central Jakarta Police. The man and the COVID-19 patient have been secured. The patient has been transferred to a former Athlete's accommodation village - called the Athlete's House - that was converted into a coronavirus hospital.

The two men were tested for the coronavirus after their arrest. The patient had reportedly tested positive and the nurse had tested negative. Both are being questioned.

If convicted they face a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. Apart from breaking the country's coronavirus regulations they have allegedly broken Indonesia's pornography laws.

Indonesia has more than 735,000 coronavirus cases and more than 21,900 deaths.