Jennifer Lawrence has seemingly continued to live a relatively private life amid her fame and success. However, tabloids and magazines released a tell-all from Uber drivers, revealing shocking details about their celebrity encounters, including some with the Hunger Games actress.

Life & Style published the claims, alleging that Lawrence has already "developed a reputation" among drivers. Many of the supposed service providers, reportedly, revealed that the actress is a "real sleeper" due to her drunken night outs, even referring to it as her "wild boozy rides."

Sources said that she would always fall asleep in the back of an Uber vehicle. It is "so common" that she has already made a joke about it, noting that Ubers exist for this very purpose.

Some of the drivers even allegedly need to "nudge her awake." Alongside this, the actress, also, makes matters worse because she talks in her sleep, exposing all the "wild" things she did back in the day.

Gossip Cop recently covered the report to learn the authenticity of the claims. Upon analyzing the whole narrative, it concluded that the entire premise, including all the details, is completely "made up."

A representative for Jennifer Lawrence, also, denied the allegations that she uses Ubers for her drunken naps. She does not have those "wild boozy rides," adding that the story is "closer to fan fiction than reality."

The reputed publication, later on, emphasized that this is not the first time tabloids and magazines fabricated stories about the American Hustle star "being rude to workers." Earlier in August, the same outlet dismissed a similar narrative, wherein supposed witnesses accused her of showing rudeness to staff during a wild party in New York.

While Gossip Cop found these accusations as false and bogus, Jennifer Lawrence once admitted that she is "incredibly rude" to her fan encounters. Yahoo! Life released a report about the matter, covering the actress's revelations.

In a sit-down chat with Adam Sandler for Variety's Actors on Actors segment, the 28-year-old celebrity shared that she becomes a "huge a**hole" when in public places. She explained that she becomes "impolite" as this is her way to defend herself.

Lawrence cited some instances of her rudeness to fans and followers, including especially her avoidance of selfies. She revealed that she "bluntly says no" to people who ask her for a picture with her.

She, also, noted how she discourages individuals from approaching her in a restaurant. If not giving them a "sour look," she would say that she is "not working today" for them to leave her alone.

Jennifer Lawrence seemingly maintains this kind of lifestyle, wherein she prioritizes her privacy. She does not have any social media accounts, making it difficult for the public to follow her every move and activity.

These days, though, People reported that she had a new look for her upcoming film, Don't Look Up, with Leonardo DiCaprio. Photos of them emerged earlier in December, showing her "red hair with clipped bangs."

The publication said that the Netflix film, also, stars Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Jonah Hill, Ariana Grande, Matthew Perry, Timothee Chalamet, and Kid Cudi. But, as for the release date, no confirmation has been made yet as to when it will drop on the streaming platform.