The Pisces side quest is one of the activities that players can take in "Cyberpunk 2077." This side quest is unique since players have to pick a particular dialogue option the would affect the outcome. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the best outcome out of the Pisces side quest in "Cyberpunk 2077."

How To Start The Pisces Side Quest

Judy Alvarez is one of the characters in "Cyberpunk 2077" that players can build an intimate relationship with. Players who desire to have Judy on their side or form a romantic relationship with her should need to play through her questline. One of these is the Pisces side quest.

Judy needs help in freeing Clouds from Tyger Claw. The side quest is a raid on the Megabuilding H8, where Cloud is located. Players can start the quest as soon as they go to the said building at the appointed time. The goal of this side quest is to eliminate Tyger Claw bosses, just like what Judy wants.

They then meet with Judy on the ground floor and head to the maintenance. There are three guards that players should take down before proceeding upstairs. They should use the elevator and drop down to the balcony, which can be found below the roof.

When in this area, players should make sure that they take down civilians roaming around before getting inside. As soon as they are inside, players should take out a guard outside of the door. At this point, Maiko makes her personal play. She will offer players some interesting options.

If players decide to take Maiko's cash, Judy will hate them, resulting in an end of the mission with her. Players with female in-game character would not be able to romance Judy if they pick this option. As a result, Maiko takes over Clouds, and players will not need to kill the Tyger Claws.

Other Details

Should players accept Maiko's offer of a cut of the profit from Maiko, Judy will still like them. If they go on this path, players would be able to access the next side job. Also, in this option, Maiko becomes the boss of the Clouds, which means players won't have to fight the Tyger Claws.

If players decide to ignore Maiko's offers and tell her that she has gone too far, Judy will remain happy, and Maiko won't be the boss of the Tyger Claws. However, players need to kill the Tyger Claws and must speak with Maiko afterward. It is important that players must not let her feel threatened; otherwise, she will attack, leaving players with no choice but to kill her. When this happens, Judy will be upset.