The beauty industry is being reshaped by new trends and some of those are digital and innovations consumers didn't think they needed before.

Augmented Reality And Artificial Intelligence

Companies such as L'Oreal have offered virtual makeup mirrors for years. But beauty and cosmetics consumers appeared disinterested.

With COVID-19, consumers have shown new interest in virtual makeup that uses both augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Industry experts believe this interest will continue to grow.

L'Oreal Makeup Genius, launched in 2014, was the first to feature AR. From then, the company has been developing AR and AI tools to help customers find the right makeup for their skin types and tones.

Perfect Corp. is another using color matching and facial recognition to help customers unable to go to physical stores.

Industry analysts expect more AR and AI tools in 2021 as new lockdowns loom and uncertainties about movement restrictions persist.

Eye Emphasis

Last year was the year of the facemask and industry experts believe they are here to stay.

With facemasks now a necessity for many, cosmetics company Kosas' founder Sheena Yaitanes is expecting 2021 "bringing an even bigger emphasis on the whole upper part of the face."

Yaitanes said consumers would concentrate on enhancing the eyes with bold lashes and fluffy browns becoming the big thing.

Eye that bring attention to the eyes are expected to see increased demand. These include liquid eyeliners, lash extensions and other enhancing products.

Hair Accessory Revival

Since the use of face coverings will continue as a result of COVID it is expected hair accessories will make a comeback in 2021.

Turbans are expected to gain in popularity with floral prints an ideal choice for many - blooming flowers symbolize a hope for a recovery from the 2020 health crisis.

Elegant hair nets may also become a favorite to pair with chic face masks. Pearls and crystals for the hair will also be in demand as consumers seek to give their looks a lift.

Clean And Green

As more people reflect on life and the environment, industry analysts say a drive for a cleaner and greener beauty and cosmetics sector will explode.

Consumers will become more serious and careful about products they purchase and if the ones they do get are harmful to the environment.

Many brands will transition to clean and green sections for an array of makeup. The industry will likely spend on projects and programs informing consumers about cleaner options.


Skinimalism became a thing in 2020, when consumers realized it was OK to wear less makeup - especially due to the mandatory use of face coverings.

Minimalist beauty is expected to become one of the biggest trends of 2021.

In 2019, layers of contouring and heavy makeup were popular. But this year, customers will want to emphasize the skin's natural glow, experts said.

The annual Pinterest Predicts report found more consumers are searching for products that will show off their "natural beauty" - with searches on home skincare and products featuring natural ingredients increasing.