Gintama: The Final movie might have hit the theaters, but the franchise is yet to continuously treat its fans. People behind this successful series will make sure this iconic title will officially end with a bang with these new "promotional tactics."

By the looks of it, the staff and crew will use the popular anime series to consistently hype Gintama: The Final movie. So, what these tactics will be?

According to Epic Dope, there will be a special Demon Slayer card featuring Tanjiro and all the Harishas that will be given to the moviegoers for the first week of the film's screening. That's not all.

There will also be double-sided poster of Demon Slayer by the Gintama creator himself, Hideaki Sorachi. This bill will be presented to the audience that watches the movie in its fourth week.

The poster also features a full Demon Slayer visual and another graphical that shows the Gintama characters. However, fans have to note that the Hashiras and Tanjiro don't make an appearance in Gintama: The Final movie.

The Demon Slayer giveaway is only made to grow the excitement for the anime movie's final battle. Aside from the film, there are upcoming two Gintama special episodes, called Gintama: Semi-Final.

These two last installments will drop on Friday, January 15, and Wednesday, January 20. These two episodes will explain the events of Gintama: The Final movie. However, there may be some new details or plot that will come along the way.

Meanwhile, it might be good to know that Sorachi also worked on making the movie, making him more than just a consultant. In fact, Comicbook noted he provided the film's actual artwork.

He also wrote different cuts for the movie, helping the rest of the animation staff. This only meant that Sorachi personally handled some shots of it.

Previously, Gintama: The Final movie unveiled a new line of art designs featuring Yorozuya characters Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Kagura, per Anime News Network. It also launched a Gintama episode fan popularity poll to celebrate the movie's release.

The final film tells the story of the Edo Period Japan that the aliens have invaded. Skyscrapers, trains, and motorbikes have successfully replaced the people's simple life on Earth.

However, there is one man who still lives in the soul of the samurai, named Gintoki Sakata, or also known as Yorozuya Gin-san. As the reckless guy he is, Ginto works on his own, ready to take the challenge with his companions.

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